Which types of dog is the best pet!!! Yifan Yuwei Mengran Venus
This Type of Dog is the MOST Expensive dog!!!

This type of dogs are called "Chihuahua"

This is the fourth type of Dog.

Some facts about Chihuahua~

Chihuahuas are originate from Mexico, mostly about 3.3-6.6 lbs, and their life span is about 10-18 years.Chihuahuas are the ideal lovable, loyal and long-term pal. When you're alone in the house with a Chihuahua, you're never alone -- they sleep on your lap, sit by your side, or follow you from room to room while you do chores. When you're not home, they protect it like their personal domain, barking at the sign of any approaching stranger (making them surprisingly effective watchdogs). This endearing love and devotion.